Spring 2024



I would like to open by saying that I am personally very proud of the actives this year, and excited for the direction our Fraternity is heading in. Coming off a highly successful year that saw us finish second in Schrader Points and winning the Founders’ Award for being the most improved chapter, we jumped right back into the fire and have continued to work hard and set high goals for ourselves. 

I was very excited to be reelected Regent for a second term knowing that this year we would continue building on the success we had last year. This semester specifically, I trained several brothers who were chosen by the actives to be Regent Understudies so that they could learn the position and become proficient at it before taking it on. After training these four brothers, I have no concerns for the future leadership of our fraternity. 

In other news, we attended the MidWest Regional Conference in Iowa City, Iowa and made a trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota to help restart Alpha Chapter. We also had the Omicron Beta Chapter from U of M – Dearborn visit us. The one thing all the other chapters we interact with notice about us is the strength of our brotherhood. I am very proud to be as close knit with the group of guys we have right now, and I hope that every future H&T gets to experience that for themselves too. 

This year, the actives also took it upon ourselves to complete several painting projects around the house and by building more efficient storage spaces inside of the house. This was the tenth full year of living in the Fairview House and was also the first year that I believe every room was filled. The house is looking very nice as usual, and we have the new Enduring Benefactors Donation Board hung up in the first floor hallway for the Alumni Foundation to place plaques on for those who join the program. 

Lastly, this semester we started a tradition of calling alumni to update your contact information. I hope that eventually the phone calls turn into alumni sharing stories, and the actives learning about the old houses and traditions. Plenty of alumni who we did call this semester had great stories to share. If you’d like to call the actives, weeknights are usually the best times. The phone number for the house is 906-523-7027.

I am very excited to become an alumnus and watch what our Fraternity accomplishes, and then be able to visit Houghton to celebrate their achievements. The future of Beta Chapter is brighter than ever, and my fellow graduates and I are leaving it in great hands. 

Thank you for your continued support and I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the articles.

In H & T,

Alex Stockman X!

“Wilt Michaels” 1475

Graduation Spring 2024

M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering ‘24

B.S. Computer Engineering ‘23

Vice Regent


I’m very pleased to announce that we had four new brothers joining Beta Chapter this semester. Each of them has shown a distinguished and persistent passion for the brotherhood, and I am incredibly proud of who they are and what they have accomplished. I have no worries about the success of the Brotherhood in the future. 

The four new members are: 

Paul Ruesch “Lone Starr” 1514

Matt Allbritten “Emmet Brickowski” 1515

Mason Staedt “Hiccup” 1516

Hunter Moyle “Shaw” 1517

I’m excited to see the brothers that will be made out of them when they become full actives of this fraternity. Pledging is an effort that involves the whole house, and I’d like to thank all the brothers who aided in its success this semester. 

In H&T,

Aidan Flanery

“Blinkin” 1491

Graduation Spring 2025

Mechanical Engineering

Corresponding Secretary


This past semester has been an exciting and successful time for our house. As Corresponding Secretary I have been working on keeping our Instagram (thetataubeta) and our Facebook page (Theta Tau – Beta Chapter) up to date with what our house has been up to. Plenty of pictures showcasing the positive impact we are having on our community, as well as updates about our house, and other events we may have going on. Hopefully you received a call from an active brother at some point this past semester. We have been working on updating our alumni contact sheet to make sure that we can keep everyone up to date with house information. It was an absolute pleasure getting to talk with some of our fellow brothers throughout this process. If you would ever like to contact an active member please reach out to our Facebook page, Instagram, call our house, or simply send us a letter! 

In H&T,

Quentin Couturier

“Manny” 1492

Graduating Spring 2026 

Environmental Engineering 

Dog Steward


I hope that you have been doing well. Our dog is in good condition. He is healthy and has adjusted to the ways of the house very well. He has been trained by us to be well behaved, with some minor things that need to be worked on here and there. Everyone seems to love him, especially our female guests and sweethearts. Keep checking our social media pages for updates on him. We hope to see you come by to visit and see what we have done.

In H&T,

Tyler Crispell, Esquire

“Kevin Murphy” 1478

Graduation Fall 2024

Environmental Engineering

Professional Development

Greetings Brothers, as always we as a chapter are heavily focused on professional development. We believe that during our time at Tech we should be growing academically as well as professionally. With this we have held two Professional development events at the time of writing this, with one more planned for the future. The first event was just before the spring career fair, in which we helped prepare our younger members for what the career fair would entail, as well as what they can do to give themselves a better chance of securing an internship for the coming summer. The next event was an internship open mic. This gave all the older brothers an opportunity to speak on their past experiences, and give younger brothers an idea of what to expect, as well as what things they may have learned to help those going into their first job. The final event will be about etiquette in the office, so those going into their first job know what to expect as far as communication and such. As always we are striving to better ourselves in this area, as it is very important to gain these skills in the beginning of our careers. 

In H&T, 

Mikey Puchalski

Fred Jones 1488

Graduating Spring 2025

Mechanical Engineering



I hope you are all doing well. All is well here in Houghton philanthropy wise and the actives were able to clock in over 160 community service hours this semester and had a few ways of doing that. The biggest event held this semester was the Pigs N’ Heat fundraiser hockey game at the SDC. The brothers were able to help with selling 50/50 tickets, organizing tables, and getting dressed up as mascots and skating around the ice. Throughout lent we were also able to volunteer at the local church, St. Ignatius, with their fish fry Fridays. Here, brothers helped by serving food as well as staying late after to help clean and pack everything up. Of course we had to get some exercise in too and we did that by chopping wood for Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly. All in all we were able to make ourselves quite useful this semester and I am looking forward to what we are able to do in the future. 

In H&T,

Pietrino Censoplano 

“Guido” 1497

Graduating Spring 2026 

Civil Engineering 



This year proved to be a very difficult year for statue building with the unforeseen and

abnormally warm winter we experienced in the Keweenaw. Luckily, we experienced a

fairly big snowstorm fairly early in the semester, allowing us to complete our formwork

for the statue. The statue that was voted upon by the brothers was a recreation of an

eagle statue previously constructed by the fraternity. Even with the unusual weather

experienced the brotherhood was able to reach a final product. With successfully

following through on a design for the first time in a couple of years the brothers are

hoping to replicate the same success matched with more accommodating weather

conditions, producing an even better statue next year.

In H&T,

Josh Gould

“Sheen Estevez” 1476

Graduation Spring 2024

Civil Engineering

Graduating Seniors


We have 8 Actives graduating this semester. We wish them all the best in their future careers. They are:

Eli Paulen 1464, MS Applied Ecology, will start work with fisheries in Green Bay, Wisconsin in July. 

Alex Stockman 1475, MS Electrical & Computer Engineering, will start work with Northrop Grumman in Rolling Meadows, Illinois as a Systems Engineer in July.

Josh Gould 1476, BS Civil Engineering, will start work with Fisher Contracting in Midland, Michigan as a Field Engineer in June.

Eddie White 1477, BS Accounting, will start work with Cleveland-Cliffs in Indiana Harbor, Indiana as an Associate Analyst – Accounting/Finance in June.

Tim Hauxwell 1480, BS Management, is still pursuing job opportunities, but will start by moving back to the Detroit area.

Clay Patterson 1481, BS Chemical Engineering, will start work with Cleveland-Cliffs in Indiana Harbor, Indiana as an Operations Engineer in June. 

Stephen Gillman 1505, MS Electrical & Computer Engineering, will start work with Milwaukee Tool in Brookfield, Wisconsin as a Machine Learning R&D Engineer in June. 

Ben Stier 1513, MS Electrical & Computer Engineering, will start work with Kautex in Detroit, Michigan as an Automation Engineer in June.