The Beta Chapter House is in need of several upgrades that would enable the actives to be even more successful and help attract new members. The top priorities are a garage, a sauna and new couches. To help fund these projects, the Alumni Foundation is launching a new fundraising campaign designed to be accessible for all alumni. Through small monthly donations, we aim to get each and every one of you involved.  Electronic donations will be made easy through or an ACH transfer. To recognize the contributions of the donors, anyone donating for 12 months will receive a plaque with their name on the Beta Chapter Enduring Benefactors board.  You will find details on the projects, rewards and how to donate below.


  • Currently the house lacks storage space. Aside from the few closets used for house supplies, the actives have to store their personal effects in their room. A garage would allow for storage of bikes, snowmobiles and other items making the rooms feel more spacious. 
  • The sauna on Anchor Hill was a great place for the brothers to unwind and bond. Building a sauna at the Fairview house would give the actives the same great experience, as well as, be a selling point in recruitment. 
  • The leather couches that have been in the house since the 80s are on their last legs and are rather unsightly. It is time to get some new ones. 


We appreciate your support and want to recognize your contributions. Once you donate for 12 months, a plaque with your name on it will be mounted on the Beta Chapter Enduring Benefactors board, which hangs in the 1st floor hallway.

The plaque will be 3×6’’. It will have your name, house name and pin number on them. The plaques will be divided into three(3) tiers corresponding to three(3) different donation thresholds: $10, $20 and $50. The three tiers will be differentiated by the color of the plaque: black, silver and gold, respectively. Any donation amount is appreciated, though you must meet the minimum requirements for a tier to reap the respective rewards.

You can pause or stop your donations any time. To encourage your continuous support, for every year you donate, a dark red stone will be added to your plaque to recognize the longest-tenured donors.

To donate, please follow the link below to visit our Givebutter donation page.

Beta Chapter Improvements